Staying in Manarola – La Torretta

If you want to feel like a princess make sure you stay at La Torretta on your next visit to Manarola. Well, first of make sure that Manarola, part of the lovely Cinque Terre, is on your list of places to visit. La Torretta Manarola (67) Be nice to the porter and don’t have too many bags or the poor fellow will be running up and down from the parking lot for hours. La Torretta is at the top of village not more than 200 meters from the parking lot, just a short jaunt downhill and to the left of the church. This was better than the steps we had during our last stay. La Torretta Manarola (51) We had a wonderful view. Our room was tucked behind the reception and perched on top of some of the other rooms but I would doubt that any of the rooms have a bad view because Manarola is a very picturesque city. La Torretta Manarola (49) The Junior Suite “Romantic” was spacious with a dining area, where breakfast was served each morning, and a comfy sofa area that even had footstools to rest our tired feet. Nespresso machine filled up and refrigerator stocked with anything you could want – not mini bar – just help yourself! La Torretta Manarola (44) La Torretta Manarola (65) The giant bathtub across from the bed wasn’t my favorite feature, partially because any italian plumbing installation is going to be noisy and give off a slightly moldy smell and well I like a separation of room functions.  But it was wonderful when we came back from our outing soaking wet and cold to the bone. If you don’t get a ginormous bathtub in your room, you can ask the staff to get the jacuzzi fired up for you and 20 minutes later you will be soaking in a bubbly heaven, probably with a glass of prosecco in your hand. La Torretta Manarola (5) There was also a roomy shower in the bathroom with the increasingly popular peek-a-boo feature, you know, the window from the shower into the rest of the room. I just need to know. Who is asking for this? Does anyone call a hotel and ask “Hey, I would like to force my spouse/ girlfriend/ mother – in-law to watch me shower. Do you have a peek-a-boo bathroom? Oh you do, great, can they see me on the toilet too? Superb, I’ll take it!” I don’t think this is actually happening. I might be old fashioned but I think the best way to increase the romance factor is to limit the amount of information about what you do in the bathroom to your loved one, not neccesary make it the main attraction of the room. Maybe their interior designer is a fetishist? In any case, we didn’t meet him or her. Everyone seemed super normal and not only that but really, really nice. I don’t think we have ever met so consistently friendly and helpful people at any hotel.

La Torretta Manarola (33)

Coffee break on the terrace

If you wander outside your room for more than 2 minutes, someone will ask you if you would like a cup of espresso or cappuccino, if it’s later in the day you will be offered prosecco. It was surprisingly pleasant, we normally don’t like to be fawned over but this seemed sincere.  Their attention to detail from lighting to little homey touches everywhere was wonderful. We truly felt at home during our stay.

La Torretta Manarola (37)

Decorative touch on the terrace

La Torretta Manarola (55)

View from our French balcony

La Torretta Manarola (69)

Across from the hotel on the opposite hill, they decorate the vineyards with the Passion of the Christ for Easter .
Christmas they do a lovely nativity scene.

We are working our way through Cinque Terre so next time we will be staying in Vernazza, but if we weren’t I would definitely stay here again maybe the Junior Suite Panoramic with the roomy terrace??

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