National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Post Month – in the same month?

I can’t reasonably do both – or can I? [cue: Evil laugh]

If I blog about my novel-writing progress I just might be able to do both.  Let me make this clear I am not a novelist but just as we dress up on Halloween to pretend to be something we are not I pretend to be a novelist, but just in November.  This is my second year,  if you are new around here. I think this whole writing thing started when I was hypnotized to quit smoking, she recommended that I take up a hobby to replace my very time-consuming pack a day habit. I said I liked to write because I could remember back when I was a teenager that I loved journaling and writing desperate poetry but that all ended very abruptly because of.. well I won’t get into that here.

In any case, when I eventually did quit smoking, not related to the hypnosis but after a good solid round of aversion therapy, I had a strong desire to write. As a case worker, a big part of my job was to read reports and then retell the client’s story in a concise way, so the powers that be, could make decisions about  my clients. I took great pride in these reports, hanging over every word, rereading and editing to be sure all the facts came shining through. But when we embarked on our German adventure, there was no more writing to be done. So after a bit of prodding from a dear friend, I started to write here and the joy of writing came back to me and I will never let it leave me again.

So here I am, on the cusp of novel number two (more about where the inspiration for novel II came from here) and I have finished 1841 words today, which is within my range of 1800 – 2000. They seems to run right out of me. Since I am pantsing it (as in to pants – or the verbification of flying by the seat of your pants), I have no clear idea what is going to be coming out of me. I managed to introduce the murder victim and antagonist and some local color. Since the novel (I just love using that word), is set in coastal Italy, I got to check out some Italian names today. I only picked names that had meanings that suited the character because we all suit the name we have been given don’t we? I know for certain that clearing in the woods is what I stand for and coincidentally the meaning of my proper name. My antagonist’s name means “darkness”, now I know this is going to be scary! I haven’t found a proper protagonist yet. Who will counter my “darkness”? Will it be the “lamb” that I introduced in paragraph five? Who knows?

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of As My Novel Churns.

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