Holy shopping trip!

If you haven’t read much of my blog you might not have picked up on how naïve I am. While wandering around Rome we came upon a street, unlike the other streets. Every store had goods, exclusive merchandise that I had never seen in a store before. I don’t know where I thought priests got their cassocks but it never occurred to me that they went shopping. I thought they were maybe sewn by the most dutiful women in the parish or that maybe some purchasing manager for the catholic church negotiated prices at a sweatshop in Delhi and they were distributed.

Do young priests confess to coveting new chalices and embroidered alter linens?

I never pictured that there would be an industry, fashion shows even. Spring collections of lemon yellow robes with bright green stoles. That they have designer brands really threw me for a loop. I wanted to go in and ask so many questions like: How much for a basic robe? How many robes on average does a priest have? How often do they change them out? Are there black label cassocks or is everything Prêt-à-Porter ? Do the most stylish Bishops go to fashion week? But it was lunch time so the internet answered one of my question Priest robes run from 450 to over 2000 dollars. Think about that next time during the offering.

Before when I saw a group of nuns walking in Rome I thought, oh they must be going to the Vatican to pray, but now I know they are going shopping. Which makes me wonder. Do they have expense accounts or do they just put it on their Catholic Church Visa cards.

What do you think?

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