Five reasons to visit Cinque Terre, Italy

  1. Five beautiful UNESCO World Heritage cities just a short train trip from one another. You can’t find a bad view, every photograph is keeper. 
  2. Plenty of outdoor activities;  hiking and swimming being the top two, but even if you just wander around the towns you will feel like you ran a marathon afterwards. 
  3. Like any good fishing villages they have killer seafood restaurants. Whether you like a light tempura style fish fry, baby octopus on spaghetti or fancy stuffed mussels you can try something you probably haven’t seen at any other Italian restaurant. Don’t forget to order a Limoncello with your coffee! 
  4. The people are warm and friendly. Maybe it was because we came early in the season but we didn’t meet a grumpy soul. Chatty and helpful most of the people we met in shops and restaurants spoke English and if not we still figured it out. 
  5. People really live here. They don’t seem to be corrupted by massive tourism. Tourism is something that happens around them, they continue to live their lives – it’s not Disneyland where everyone is putting on a show for the tourists. Clothes are hung out to dry, you can smell people making dinner, and older women hang out the windows dispensing child rearing advice to younger women on the street. You can get lost and find a quiet Piazza maybe even with a bench to sit on and eat your lunch and that Piazza might even overlook the sea. Vernazza

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