Eating out in Tuscany: iO Osteria Personale, Florence

We spent a lusty evening at the charming iO Osteria Personale during our trip to Florence and I wanted to share the beautiful food we were served and highly recommend the lovely wine. This is Italian food like you rarely see it. Elegant, reserved and complicated.

Lightly breaded and fried cod on a bed of shaved artichokes, tossed in a red wine dressing. A blueberry and onion sorbet sets off the combination.

Ravioli re-interpreted: Ricotta spooned over a green asparagus sauce, garnished with phyllo, roasted asparagus, pecorino and blue cheese.

Shredded wild boar with polenta covered in chocolate sauce, dressed with freeze dried olives.

Rabbit salad with green beans, potatoes and quail egg.

Mackerel filet in a strawberry tomato sauce with arugula.

Tiramisu was an unexpected caramel bit with Mascarpone ice cream topped with a chocolate circle covered in bitter cocoa.

The staff was helpful and patient with our large group. Atmosphere was warm and inviting. Food was inventive and tasty. At 40 euro for three entrées and a dessert this is a great way to start your education about modern Italian cookery.

Don’t believe me? Read what the NY Times had to say.

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