Tedox Detox – week 19

The first time we passed a Tedox store I thought it was some sort of low-budget spa, which is why I named our short-term, colon cleansing, “food plan” after it. DIY tedox, sorry, I mean, detox.

As part of our own personal film festival, we watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Inspired by the idea of surviving on just juice we decided to try a 10 day detox. Joe’s Green Juice is 60 percent green vegetables and anything you can get through your juicer that’s not green. Don’t try juicing macarons, just not enough liquid in them. Seriously, I would never juice a macaron, that just wouldn’t be right.

I kept telling Hubby that he has 5 kilos of undigested meat in his bowels and he was like putty in my hands. Don’t tell him it’s just a ruse from the colon cleaning people so you let them put tubes up your behind.

We made up our own rules because I was pretty sure we wouldn’t last a day on Green Juice so here they are:

  • 4 – 16 oz glasses of Green Juice per day is the goal
  • Juice must be 60% green veggies
  • lots of herbal tea and water to drink
if desperately hungry and contemplating quitting the following is acceptable:
  • 1 juice can be swapped for one 1 smoothie with 50 % juice allowed
  • 1 juice substituted for beans or bean products, for example homemade spicy bean dip, hummus and black beans and rice, chickpea “nuts” for snacks
  • Fresh veggies dipped in bean dip or green salad is ok

and absolutely no meat, sugar or coffee! You can download our complete food plan in the PDF below with recipes and notes from our 10 day juice fast.

The most unpleasant effects of juicing was the mild caffeine withdrawal headaches and the slight nausea the first few days. We never achieved juice nirvana as explained on several other sites but we felt surprisingly full for consuming around 800 calories a day. We were most hungry in the evenings which I think was more psychological hunger than anything else. The best part was resetting our taste buds for what tastes good and maybe readjusting the quantity of food needed to feel full which has been increasing year by year.

We enjoyed our juice meals so much that we are continuing with our 7 am breakfast juice, mostly because it kept us full until around 1 pm. Any juice detox program should be preceded by a check up with your doctor. We had both had a full blood analysis before starting this program and got the go ahead.

What we learned from our 10 day juice party:

General about juice fasting

We do not need coffee to wake up. 10 days without coffee showed us that we can survive just fine without it.

A 130 calorie glass of Green Juice can easily substitute a meal.

Health Benefits

  • Acid reflux problems disappeared.
  • Concentration improved slightly.
  • Tight muscles in shoulders and neck released.
  • More energy in the evening.

Juice technical

We juiced with a 6-year-old Kenwood Vita Pro Active juicer .

Lemon peels can jam up your juicer so cut off the bumpy peel but leave the white bits.

Bunch your leaves up in a ball and push them into the machine. If they get dropped in they are so light that the machine will just spin them out. If you are juicing herbs roll into a ball and stuff them between two cucumber bits.

Our juice machine has a 1 liter jug so we filled up with green vegetables (which we include red cabbage and beets) and then the last 400 ml with whatever sounded good. We had better luck when we juiced the softer things first, then some fibrous things like celery and then finished off with a pear to flush out all the bits that are stuck in the machine.

Bananas do not juice well and give your juice a grainy consistency, ditto with papaya save these for your smoothies.


General good feeling of wellness and a lightness. Our combined loss for the 10 days was 13 kilos / 28 pounds and 17 cm /6.7 inches. Most of which disappeared the first few days.

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