Thrifting in Prato

On our way north we stopped in Prato just in time for their flea market. Prato is a center for the textile industry in Northern Italy and we came across a shop with shirting fabric in the window. They did not sell fabric as I initially suspected but they did custom make some of the coolest denim shirts I have ever seen for around 70 euros. The lovely shop owner directed me to the nearest fabric store where I got some of the finest woven shirting twill I have seen.

Afterwards, we wandered through the market, which is every fourth Sunday of the month near the Piazza del Comune. It had lots of jewelry and vintage handbags. A nicely dressed woman had several used Louis Vuitton bags and Ferragamo sunglasses laid out on her table. I think she was hoping for some sales so she could update her accessories.

Another dealer saw me coming and doubled the price on his tin for biscotti, so I was forced to keep walking. We did finally find something for our TV room in Norway, in the color of the month, turquoise.

I am actually a horrible thrifter, I just can not bring myself to bargain. They say a price and it am almost always surprised that they don’t want more. So, I quickly say yes before they change their mind. I really need to work on that.

4 responses to “Thrifting in Prato

  1. my husband and i spent an extended honeymoon travelling in europe 25 years ago. we spent Christmas in Italy and visited the fleamarket in Rome. we each bought fabulous wool, lined coats for $5 each. i wore mine to death, my husband still has his and it’s still in beautiful shape.
    great blog! and fun to see comments in… norweigan? just love the script with it’s crossed out “o”s and little circles above the “a”s; it just looks like the kind of language i’d want to learn to speak!

    • Thanks Angelika! Flea market in Rome sounds wonderful! Some of the best souvenirs come from flea market finds.
      Yup thats Norwegian…If you like the Muppets Swedish Chef you would like Norwegian, although you can only speak it with about 5 million other people. Spanish is probably a better use of your time but Italian would be lovely too! Bella! Bella!

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