Here is an overview of frequently used terms in this blog.  If you see other usage that should be explained, perhaps my haphazard use of commas or the passive voice, please let me know I will try to explain it on this page.

Hubby = Husband of 16 years and counting

MLC = Mid life Crisis  Hubby started his in his late 20’s and I am far too mature to have one

3 responses to “Glossary

  1. Dear Wife-in-Captivity!
    I am enjoying reading your blogposts about Emden and life in Germany. Hang in there and keep trying. Your efforts will pay off. As for language training I would really recommend a “Sprachpartner” someone you can trade English and German lessons with. Look for someone with your same interests in your area, post a flyer at the library or on local internet message boards, and then stick to the rules! 1/2 German, 1/2 English. Meet at coffee-shops, the market, parks etc. This “real-life” experience can prove a really helpful addition to your “book-learning”.

    Viel Glück und alles Gute!

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