Learning the language

I am interested in learning the language and would like to learn a bit faster than I did when I moved to Norway.  Since we will only be in Germany for a couple of years (with the possibility of an extension :-)) I would like to hit the ground running.

I have been checking out the alternatives.

  • Classes through the county – I have sent a message and requested info from BAMF on courses in my area (see earlier post for link).
  • Audio books – I have purchase Michel Thomas learning German part 1 from audible.com and been listening to it on my commute to work.  The disadvantage with this method is that it increases your verbal skills but I realize that I have no ideas how to write what I learned today.
  • In the same vein, I have been checking out podcasts with german themes and I just want wow there are a lot of people that want to talk about Germany. Not all of them should be podcasting and distributing on itunes but they don’t seem to mind.  I would like to specially mention 2 that I would advise other to save their time and bandwith.
    • “Living in Germany” podcast has less to do with the location and more to do with a husband and wife that have too few friends in their new home.  I was bored silly and never really understood the point of the podcast.  Their audience could well be parents living in the US.
    • My daily phrase” is a a professionally produced cast with a site that is under development.  The speaker has a very pleasant speaking voice and it goes a pace that keeps you interested.  The cast refers to pdf files that can be down loaded, but these where not available at the time of posting.  Their are over 100 short podcasts broken down by subject.
    • Pukkagerman in true StringEmil style promises fun and learning with a plethora of multimedia stimuli.  Podcasts, facebook groups, web site, tweets – all the fun things we love from this decade!  I like that voice and seems to be related to life in Germany.

What do you think?

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